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How to choose candle colors for spells?

How to choose candle colors for spells?

To learn about candle magic, choose the right candle colors for your rituals

Every magical ritual begins with the lighting of a candle. Fire is a cleansing element, burning away negative emotions and promoting the opening of a new chapter in life. But the candle itself is also important. It must be pretty and in the right color. All you need to start putting this amazing magic into practice are colorful candles, sturdy candle holders, a cap for extinguishing the flame and a lighter that will be used only for this purpose. A metal tray is also very useful – candlesticks, stones, herbs are placed on it. Candles lit for a specific intention are not extinguished by blowing out, so as not to “dispel” the accumulated happiness.

Check out how to perform a ritual with candles and how to choose them according to the intention:

Three rules for rituals with candles

Which candles to choose for rituals

What is candle magic

What colors of candles to choose for rituals

Three esoteric principles of rituals with candles

Candle magic is based on three basic esoteric principles. The first is concentration, which accompanies choosing a candle and burning it.

The second principle is will power, because in order to use the power of the candle, one must think about what one actually wants to obtain. This is important. For example, if we are looking for love, we must first realize that we lack it. And the very thought of this makes room for new events in our lives.

The third principle is to imagine ourselves in a new, much better situation than the current one.This convinces our subconscious that change is possible and allows us to use good energies for this purpose. We light a candle with a specific intention, and then wait for the results. The waiting time can vary, depending on how much energy, power and faith we have.

It is also important to remember that candle magic is part of fire magic, and fire is the element of action! And a hundred boxes of candles won’t help if we do absolutely nothing to make dreams real.

What kind of candles to choose for rituals? They should be nice, not fragrant

It is important not to use broken, ugly, shelled candles for rituals. It is also traditional not to use scented candles – it is better to anoint a regular candle with the right oil yourself. Under no circumstances should the candle be used beforehand!

It is believed that during the ritual it should burn to the end, and its remains must be quickly thrown out of the house. Sometimes, however, it is difficult to wait for the candle to burn all the way out, or the ritual is complicated and takes several days to perform. You can then extinguish it and re-light it another day, but still with the same intention! A spell once placed on a candle cannot be changed to another under any circumstances!

Candle magic works when you burn them with intention –love spells reviews

You need to know how and when to perform rituals with candles. The simplest magic requires the use of candles of the appropriate colors, which are lit to burn with a specific intention. These are simple, but very effective, and discreet rituals, as people around you will take them for ordinary home decorations. Such spells are used to clear the astral space, ensure the success of an important undertaking, as well as to summon an opportunity that will allow you to fulfill your dreams. For example, if you dream of passionate love, imagine it and light a red candle with the intention of finding the right man. You can also create a candle yourself for rituals with the right intention.

More serious rituals require multiple candles of different colors and can last up to several days. They are associated with the corresponding phases of the moon and astrological influences. Candle magic uses the influence of fire and color. You can choose the color of the candle according to your zodiac sign. To multiply the power of the ritual, we can anoint the candle with essential oil. We always start from the top and anoint it halfway, and then from the bottom and halfway again.

You can also scratch on the candle (with a needle, pin) an incantation, name or intention for which we burn the candle. There is complete magical freedom in this. What you write on the candle or draw on it is your desire and intention. Some people use the runic alphabet, create magical signs, others draw hearts, dollar symbols or stars.

You can arrange herbs or stones around candles to symbolize good luck in certain areas. Some write their intentions on a piece of paper, and then fold it and burn it in the candle fire (just be careful not to burn the apartment!). It is worth watching the flame of the candle by the way, as it too is an omen.

Watch out for black candles

Black is a symbol of the end. Historically, a candle in black was used in the Church when excluding someone from the Christian community. Part of the ritual was to throw a black candle in the direction of the unfortunate excommunicated person.Today black candles are also associated with gloomy rituals rather than natural fire magic. However, you can use them in a simple spell when you want to irrevocably end a relationship or acquaintance.

To do this, we engrave the person’s name on a black candle (it can be rubbed with garlic), and then burn the candle to the end with the intention of completely removing their influence and presence from our lives – let them mind their own business and keep them as far away from us as possible. However, one must be absolutely aware that the change we cause will be irreversible.

Magic involves burning candles for intentions that are important to us. Even a small candle flame provides very strong energetic protection and makes it easier to find favorable solutions, because it symbolically illuminates our life path.

Astrology-The true nature of the planets

Astrology-The true nature of the planets

The influence of the planets on human life should be considered with a certain amount of caution, just as we handle gunpowder with care. A momentary lack of prudence, and it is not difficult to have an explosion. To properly interpret a horoscope, you need knowledge of the location of the planets, their nature, the type of zodiacal signs, the houses of the horoscope, and the stars. It turns out that about 100 of these celestial bodies are taken into account in astrology. They are ranked in order of magnitude (from first to fifth on the accepted magnitude scale). Only the ability to read the information coming from all these astrological indicators, stars and planets, will allow you to read the peculiar astrological writing from which the horoscope is created.

The nature of these objects (in the astrological sense) was established on the basis of long-term observations. As a result of them, a considerable amount of comparative material was accumulated, the collections were formed independently of each other in different regions of the world for thousands of years. This is evidenced by the records of ancient star explorers from the Mesopotamian region, ancient Egypt, or pre-Columbian civilizations.

The Sun, the peculiar center of our system, is not a planet, but one of the numerous and relatively small stars in the Universe. In the general consciousness it is associated with light and the warmth it provides. It is also a giver of life-giving energy, and influences its distribution and impact on both nature and man, who is part of nature. This is how the ancient astrologers understood the role of the Sun, and it has largely been adopted by the modern heirs to this ancient science. Alternatively, one may wonder whether they meant to shape the influence of various forces, or only to describe those interrelationships taking place between the stars and planets and their effects on man. Assuming that it is only a matter of pointing out that, for example, with a trigone of Jupiter with the Sun, there is a high probability of an increase in physical forces in man, we would still approach the issue in the same way as the ancient astrologers. They, too, considered such a constellation to be an enhancer of human strength.

Assuming that the sign of Cancer is associated with weakness on the physical and mental level, the Sun in this sign on the day of birth would be expected to indicate just such a physical and mental condition of a person’s person. Keep in mind that this is not a general statement, but a specific assumption, so it is not surprising that the conclusions will correspond to a top-down assumption. This is only valid if we assume that we consider only the sign of Cancer and the Sun present in that sign.

If, for example, the sign of Aries, as a constellation, is located in the Ascendant, i.e. in the east, or in the MC, i.e. the zenith, then a person born in this sign, combined with the qualities assigned to this sign (the sign of Aries itself is fiery in nature, because it belongs to the element of fire), will have excellent physical strength and mental resilience. She will also be characterized by great invention, initiative and charisma, bard will have a predisposition to positions of a public nature.

This is the most optimistic version of the horoscope, that is, one in which the negative aspects of the arrangement of planets and stars will not be revealed.

The Sun and the Moon, by definition, function in the horoscope as signs of the times.

The Sun signifies life, particularly in relation to men.

Venus evokes reason, reason, but also passion, love.

The Moon is fertility, fertility, fertility, in relation to women – a symbol of life, like the Sun in men.

Saturn denotes obstacles, hindrances, but also concentration.

Jupiter is said to suggest idealism, growth, multiplication.

Mars represents strength, movement, activity, action.

Uranus symbolizes altruism.

Neptune brings to mind divinity, genius (or madness).

Pluto is said to embody parapsychological abilities and metaphysics.

The connections that exist between the planets, through their mobility, cause these definitions to change. For example, in the positive aspect, for example, Mars or Saturn “only” suggest self-destructive tendencies, in the negative aspect – they can strengthen these tendencies to a dangerous, even psychopathic level, from which it is close to spreading real destruction.

The examples given show only part of the characteristics attributed to individual systems and planets. To get to know them in all their glory, it would be necessary to devote more time and attention to them.

Astral world

Astral world

What is the aforementioned astral world? There are various concepts that would explain this concept. So let’s take a look at a few of them:

As Janet and Stewart Swerdlow state: “The astral is a thin band of energy around the Earth that builds the collective subconscious and is also closely related to the energy of the Earth. It is very easy to enter this energy realm because the Astral Realm acts as a bridge between Earth’s physical realm and the non-physical realm, which is hyperspace.”

With the human eye devoid of additional instrumentation, we are able to perceive about 0.5% of the surrounding matter (omitting the ordinary, tangible physical world). High-powered computers, additionally equipped with highly sensitive hardware, perceive about 2% of matter. How, then, can the remaining 98% be determined, described? Science has not yet found an answer to this. There is an opinion that in this sphere, a kind of energy belt, reside all sorts of entities that observe us and our lives. Most likely, they have not had the opportunity to experience how interesting, inspiring, fascinating it can be. It is possible that, being sensitive to the various vibrations we send them, they somehow sense it, though. Who knows? Perhaps they even envy us the triumph we experience, the goodness we feel, the happiness. Or maybe they are just curious about the sensory sensations attributed to our body, associated with the simple joys of life, such as a tasty, exquisite meal. We also send positive vibes by feeling the joy of love-related intimacy, the touch of a loved one. These kinds of events evoke positive emotions in us, often of high intensity. In the astral world, our emotions are felt and received in the form of vibrations, concrete energy. All this can be perceived on an energetic level precisely by various beings inhabiting the post-earthly (in both senses of the word) astral world.

Who would have thought that our busy existence could be subject to curiosity, longing, sometimes even envy? And for reasons that we ourselves, in our rush, often fail to see. And yet we do. Why? The explanation comes from another concept of the astral world. According to it, it is a certain area that we could describe as “intermediate,” a kind of waiting room for souls who, for various reasons, cannot continue their journey to their final abode, called the “Land of Eternal Hunting,” the Elysian Fields, and in monotheistic religions Hell (for the bad) or Heaven (for the good). Souls who have not moved on to their next abode for various reasons may be stuck in a lower level of the astral world for mental or karmic reasons. Mental reasons may be that the spirits in question are completely confused about their current situation (this happens in the case of sudden, unexpected death). Or they were so attached to their previous existence that they are mentally unable to take the next step and move on to the next level of eternal life. In such a state, they are particularly susceptible to calls from the earth, and will gladly take up the offer of even a temporary return. This is why the use of ouija boards and participation in spiritualist séances is considered in an astral, spiritual sense to be not very safe. If in real life we don’t let strangers knocking on the door into our homes, why should we do so on the spiritual plane?

Of course, someone may say that the astral world is also inhabited by good spiritual entities. This is not excluded, while it will be difficult for a person without experience in this field to discern what kind of astral guest he has invited to his home. If these are spiritual beings hostile to humans, the polite cancellation formula used in spiritualist séances may not be enough. Then the help of a spiritual exorcist will be necessary.

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